Creating a WordPress Website That is SEO Compatible

WordPress is the most popular open-source website developwordpress-expertment tool chosen by a large number of companies. The high versatility and flexibility of WordPress, added with its ability to support SEO, makes it a favorable choice for most developers. Designed to comply with Google’s algorithms, WordPress makes domains that easily index on search engines. This means that WordPress gives websites a nudge to push them higher in the rankings. WordPress SEO compatibility is what drives webmasters and digital marketers towards it.

Customizable Permalinks and Built-in Feeds

To get and maintain a regular audience, it is essential that a website keeps sending its content to a feed directory. These Really Simple Syndication feeds or RSS feeds are built-in features of most WordPress theme frameworks. The ability to customize permalinks also boosts the WordPress website search engine optimization. By including keywords in the URL, WordPress can rank your website higher in Google’s search results for the same keywords.

For business owners that wish to cut down on unnecessary expenditure, WordPress offers a budget friendly solution. Being an open-source tool, it is also essentially free of cost. Constant updates are a key feature that the platform offers, fixing bugs regularly for a stronger core. These updates are synchronous to Google updates, keeping WP SEO properties always at par.


A high SEO ranking is a culmination of results of different individual strategies. The strong core and ever-expanding library of plugins power the WordPress search engine optimization for optimum results. These Plugins provide additional functionality, which is a great help for both web developers as well as end-users.


The clean code that powers the infrastructure of WordPress makes it secure as a development system for websites. With numerous advantages like infinite Plugins, permalink customization, an open-source system, and regular SEO updates, WordPress offers built-in SEO functions, saving cost and time on hiring a separate service to manage SEO.


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