How to Maximize the Benefits of Hiring Magento Programmer

hire-magento-developerThe buyers’ preferences go on changing at fast pace without a halt; this trend puts a tough challenge for e-store owners. Thanks to ‘Magento’ – the world’s most flexible e-commerce development program that helps the e-store owners to manage the products and information according to the current demand and trend. You win half the battle if you succeed to hire an efficient Magento Programmer at a reasonable price; and, it needs you to know the basic features of Magento so that you could confidently discuss with the shortlisted Magento Experts.

Salient Magento Features:

The script of Magento includes Google Analytics to generate different reports. The ‘Product Browsing’ covers multiple photos of products, wish list and extensive reviews etc. The Catalog Browsing has the specialty for easy navigation, fine product filtering, and products’ comparison. Catalog Management is designed to simplify inventory management, products’ export, batch import, different tax structures etc. The other advanced features of Magento, over which your Magento Designer must have the perfect command, are Customer accounts, customer service, order management, payment gateways, shipping, checkout, search engine optimization, Google sitemap integration, multilingual, site management, marketing tools etc.

Try These Time Tested Sources to Hire Magento Developer:

Personal Network – Exploring your personal network to get the strong referral for an efficient Magento Expert is the traditional but effective trick. Hiring of Magento Expert, already tested by someone in your circle, minimizes the risk.

Magento Solution Partners – Magento Solution Partner Community is a great source to get the strategic help for Magento implementations. Magento Partners get regular training and support services from Magento to refresh their skills.

Magento Certification Directory: It is a wide hub of experienced Magento experts; definitely, you will find someone appealing – ‘certified by Magento’.

Magento Networking Events – Serious Magento designers and developers attend Magento industry events to expand their network as well as to learn more.

Besides the above sources, the hiring of an efficient Magento programmer also depends upon your comparing and visual skills that encompass the aspects of experience, diversity in clientele, work force quality, back up support for future etc.


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