New Joomla 3.6 Features Justify Hiring A Joomla Designer

hire-jhoomJoomla is the most preferred choice for the content management as well as for the website development. The scalable MVC architecture gives it a competitive edge over the other open source Web Development Programs. Almost every type of website belonging to businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions, governments etc has been created so far with Joomla proving its flexibility and competence; that’s why, the experienced website owners hire Joomla developer to have the best in class business website.

Hiring a Joomla programmer is no more a tough task because of the existence of numbers of companies offering Joomla website development services but the knowledge, perfection, experience and exposure of the hired Joomla expert make the difference in the websites’ quality.

Joomla 3.6 – Features That Make It a Preferred Choice:

Choosing the latest Joomla for any kind of website development is always a right decision but web owners must have basic knowledge of essential Joomla features before hiring a Joomla Expert. The latest version Joomla 3.6 has many new features to facilitate users, Joomla designers, Joomla developers and Joomla integrators.

New Features of Joomla 3.6 for Users: A dedicated category for articles, newsfeeds, banners and contacts; provides the extended overview of disabled & the enabled extensions; offers new experience of contact category powered with pictures.

New Features for Joomla Designers: Easy template development; new offline page design; SASS – SCSS files support.

New Features for Joomla Developers: Stream socket to use proxies; new query database; delete of cache files with single click; easy template creation.

The roadmap To Hire Joomla Developer:

Joomla developer or Joomla designer is the ambiguous term because everyone has different expectations to be met out within permissible budget. You need to focus on four skill sets while hiring a Joomla Programmer – Site Builder, Template Skinner, Web Designer and Extension Developer. Your choice should be the one stop Joomla Development Company offering the multilayered services to address different issues like design, maintenance, SEO, programming, marketing etc. Referrals, Joomla resource directory, and Outsourcing directories are the dependable sources to find an efficient Joomla programmer.


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